Kin Cryptocurrency has been skyrockets since last 30 days.

Kin cryptocurrency has experienced a remarkable surge of +330% in the last 30 days 

The $KIN coin's value has seen significant growth, currently trading at $$0.00002894 with a +47.53% increase in the past 24 hours 

There are Three key factors contributing to this surge include-

1. Token Burn Proposal: A plan to reduce the total supply of Kin by 70% through burning outstanding Kin Reserves and Kik burning 70% of its Kin.

2.Patent Success:  Kin achieved a major milestone by securing a patent for digital paper cash, enhancing the project's credibility and potential utility. 

3.SEC Settlement: Following the settlement with the SEC, Kin received confirmation that it is not classified as a security.

These developments have boosted investor confidence and contributed to the impressive growth of the $KIN coin. 

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