CoinMarketCap Introduces ChatGPT Plugin for Crypto Analysis

Date: 13 Oct 2023

By- Coinsprobe

CoinMarketCap's New ChatGPT Plugin

CoinMarketCap introduces a ChatGPT plugin for cryptocurrency market analysis.

Powerful Combination of Tool

The plugin combines CoinMarketCap's data repository with ChatGPT's AI capabilities.

Access through ChatGPT Plus Subscription

Users can access the plugin for in-depth analysis with a $20/month ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Analyzing Price Pattern

The plugin helps analyze cryptocurrency price patterns during significant events.

Easy Installation

Users can access the plugin on ChatGPT's website, making installation straightforward.

Future Features 

More features will be added to enhance AI trading and cryptocurrency analysis.

Simplifying Cryptocurrency Analysis

The plugin makes it easier for enthusiasts to access and analyze cryptocurrency market data using AI.


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