FTX Token (FTT) has experienced a significant surge of +100% in the last 30 days

As of today, FTT token is up by +15.20% with a price of $1.60, further reinforcing its positive performance. 

The recent announcements and actions within the FTX ecosystem have generated positive sentiments

One of the notable actions taken by FTX is the launch of the Claim website on July 11th 

This is a platform for users affected by the bankruptcy of FTX or its subsidiaries to submit their claims. 

Currently, the claims.ftx.com platform is experiencing technical difficulties, and its unavailable.

In addition to the claim launch, FTX CEO John Ray III has announced earlier the restart of the FTX2.0 exchange 

The combined effect of these announcements and actions has driven FTT's price to increase by +100% over the past 30 days

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