Checkout Why $BRICK Cryptocurrency is Up By +350% Today

Posted- 08 August 2023

r/FortNiteBR  $BRICK, the native token of Reddit  is surges by massive +350.0% today following announcement from Kraken Exchange

Kraken  crypto exchange, has introduced trading for Bricks (BRICK) and Moons (MOON) on its platforms 

The trading phase for BRICK and MOON started recently, allowing users to fund and trade these tokens. 

Only deposits made via the Arbitrum Nova network are accepted; deposits from other networks will be lost.

Both BRICK and MOON are accessible for trading through the Kraken exchange app and Kraken Pro.

In the spot market, BRICK and MOON are paired with USD and EUR. 

BRICK has an asset decimal precision of two, a minimum order size and deposit of 50.

MOON's asset decimal precision is three, with a minimum order and deposit size of ten. 

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