Check Out The Latest Rug Pull Of Famous Cryptocurrency.


Quiztok's $QTCON Cryptocurrency Faces Rug Pull On August 18 2023.

Quiztok's $QTCON cryptocurrency experiences a rug pull, shocking the cryptocurrency community.

Rug pull involves developers abandoning the project, resulting in significant financial losses for investors. 

 On August 18, 2023, $QTCON's value drops from $0.01221 to $0.0022, a staggering -90.0% decrease.

Quiztok emerged in May 2020, gaining recent attention with a remarkable +400% surge in the past 30 days 

Investors lured by potential gains flock to $QTCON before its value plummets, leading to substantial losses.

Quiztok's official website abruptly goes offline, leaving investors with unanswered questions. 

Lack of presence on social media exacerbates concerns and investor frustration. 

Quiztok originally aimed to revolutionize knowledge-sharing with blockchain-based quiz mining. 

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