Check Out Why Friend Tech is Renaming "Shares" as "keys."


Social platform renamed tokens from Shares to Keys to avoid SEC scrutiny over securities regulations. 

The move aims to prevent potential classification as securities due to token marketing and distribution 

Renaming reflects tokens' purpose as chatroom access items. 

While the rebranding could help, regulatory exemption isn't assured. gained attention with a crypto airdrop, competing with major cryptocurrencies. 

Users buy "shares" of personal accounts with transaction fees benefiting platform and account holders. 

Users can profit as share values rise, similar to stock market dynamics. 

Influencers sharing fees with buyers parallels stock dividends, boosting trading and share values. is built on Coinbase's layer-2 network, Base, which facilitates faster and more cost-effective transactions 

Users can grant privileges like private messaging and interaction rights based on the shares they own