Check out What is Status Network SNT Cryptocurrency?


Status Overview: Status is a versatile software platform categorized as both a mobile and desktop operating system. 

Accessibility and Connectivity: With Status, users gain the ability to interact with a network from virtually anywhere and at any time.  

Release Date: Status was initially launched in June 2017, marking its entry into the crypto landscape.

Ethereum Integration: One of Status's key features is its role as a light client Ethereum node. 

DApp Accessibility: Users can engage with Ethereum's DApps directly through Status, without needing to navigate to a separate browser or platform.  

Mobile App Emphasis: The software is designed to function effectively on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 

Messaging System: Status incorporates a messaging system that facilitates encrypted communication between users. 

Decentralized Applications: Beyond messaging, Status enables users to access and use a variety of decentralized applications.