Bone ShibaSwap Turns Bullish: Here is Why



Nilesh  Hembade

The utility token of Shibarium, $BONE, has turned bullish and emerged as one of the top gainers in the cryptocurrency market recently. 

Over the last 24 hours, the $BONE token has surged by an impressive +13.66%, outperforming major cryptocurrencies 

As of now, the $BONE token is being traded at $1.37, contributing to a market capitalization of approximately $314,453,204. 

A significant factor behind the surge is the recent announcement by DEXtool, an ultimate trading app for DeFi, has integrates Shibarium blockchain into DEXtool's platform.

The successful integration with DEXtool has expanded the accessibility and trading opportunities for Shibarium tokens 

Another driving force for the surge is the  previously stuck BONE tokens have been successfully restored to users' wallet balances. 

The combination of DEXtool integration and token recovery has created a positive sentiment around the $BONE token, attracting investors and traders 

These developments have garnered attention within the crypto community and piqued interest in the potential of the Shibarium ecosystem 

Disclaimer: The information provided regarding cryptocurrencies is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as financial or investment advice.