Bone Cryptocurrency Surging Today: Here is Why

Posted-16 August 2023

Bone ShibaSwap $BONE Cryptocurrency Coin is Turns Bullish Today

Bone ShibaSwap $BONE  is up by +5.22% today trading at $1.58

The reason behind the surge is upcoming shibarium launch.

Bone ShibaSwap BONE will be the utility token in Shibarium ecosytem.

Today the lead developer of shib, Shytoshi Kusama  has given a massive hint of shibarium launching

The community member asked, "Is Shibarium released or are we getting a release date tomorrow?" on discord server

Shytoshi Kusama promptly responded, saying, "You got a date today. Tomorrow." 

So it's clear that tomorrow will be the Shibarium launch or might be the date will be reveal.

Following this reply of Shibarium launching, the BOBE Cryptocurrency is surging today.