Akash Network's $AKT Cryptocurrency Skyrockets: Here is Why


Akash Network's $AKT Cryptocurrency has been on a ride since last 3 months.

The native cryptocurrency of Akash Network's $AKT coin price is surges by  +300% in last 90 days  

The current price of $AKT coin is $1..41 up by +16.11% in last 24 hr. 

Akash Network is a open-source, decentralized, marketplace for cloud computing 

Akash Network offers cloud services with unprecedented level of speed, efficiency, and affordability. 

In Akash, users can purchase cloud services for : 1.Website Hostings 2.Middleware interactions  3.Deploying validators/mining apps 

Akash, built with Cosmos SDK, is a Layer One protocol using POS consensus 

Currently, Akash uses $AKT for cloud service settlements, but will support stablecoin settlements very soon 

The booming AI developments made huge demands for GPU globally and the Akash Network will grow higher with GPU  demands.