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BabyDoge Coin Added Two More Listings Today; Surges By Over 10%


(12 June 2024, 15:24 PM IST):

The popular memecoin BabyDoge is riding high, adding two new listings today. Following yesterday’s 25% jump after being listed on Bybit, the second-largest derivatives cryptocurrency exchange, BabyDoge has continued its upward trajectory.

Today, BabyDoge Coin announced its listing on two major exchanges:

1) BingX: This leading derivatives exchange serves over 10 million users worldwide and boasts a daily trading volume of $5.5 billion. BabyDoge is now available in perpetual contracts on BingX, providing a significant boost to its accessibility and liquidity.

2) KCEX: Another major player in the derivatives market, KCEX, has also listed BabyDoge in perpetual contracts. KCEX is known for its user-friendly platform, low fees, and high liquidity, catering to over 1 million users with a daily trading volume of $2.41 billion in futures.


These back-to-back listings have propelled the price of BabyDoge Coin, which surged by 12.59% in the last 24 hours. The current price stands at $0.00000000183, bringing its market capitalization to $259 million.

Source: Coinmarketcap

With these new listings, BabyDoge continues to expand its reach, solidifying its position in the cryptocurrency market and exciting its growing community of supporters.

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